The development of human resources is the cornerstone for the formulation of a strong corporate identity as well as for strengthening business competitiveness. On the same time, enhancing employment at local and regional level through appropriate policies contributes to the development of the economy, the preservation of social cohesion and general progress and prosperity.

Gnosi Anaptixiaki Business Development Consulting has significant experience in human resource management as well as in employment growth policies. Hence, the Company provides support services to private sector businesses in order to enable them take advantage of funding opportunities, co-funded by Greece and the E.U. that include combined actions of vocational training and consulting.

To this end, the Company is collaborating with a wide range of Vocational Training Centers, facilitating integrated service delivery to our clients by combining the design and implementation of training programmes.

What is more, the Company offers integrated support services to organisations that formulate, implement and evaluate employment, training and lifelong learning policies in Greece.

This category includes the following services:

  • Labour and employment market studies
  • Local Employment Pacts – Local Employment Initiatives
  • Planning and operation of employment promotion structures
  • Training – employment relation studies
  • Planning and management of integrated programmes for human resources development
  • Planning and management of labour market information structures – Employment Observatories
  • Assessment of activities supporting employment and vocational training
  • Diagnostic studies on employment relations, occupational health conditions and safety
  • Preparation of staff regulations in companies and agents
  • Work organisation studies – Human resources restructuring
  • Training material assessment – dissemination of innovation in training
  • Training needs research studies
  • Design and implementation of vocational training programmes
  • Implementation of new technologies in Vocational Training (tele-training, e-learning)
  • Programmes for the promotion of Social Dialogue