Gnosi Anaptixiaki Business Development Consulting has long and vast experience in supporting organisations of the public sector mainly in Greece as well as abroad for implementing large-scale projects and programmes via co-funded resources. What is more, the Company has supported a wide array of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (SMEs) of the private sector through development actions both at individual and at collective level.

This category includes the following services:

  • Development studies and business plans for geographical areas
  • Human resources development local planning projects
  • Studies for the establishment and operation of employment support structures
  • Planning of SME support projects
  • Studies for the establishment and operation of SME supporting structures
  • Preparation of land exploitation plans – Spatial arrangement studies
  • Industrial studies
  • Assessment of interventions and policies at local and regional level
  • Local cross-border co-operations development
  • Technical support of local and regional governments, Development companies, regional units and regions