Managing Authority of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Ex ante evaluation and strategic environmental assessment of the Operational of East Macedonia – Thrace 2014-2020 2014
Α. Spyridis – Β. Koutalou Ο.Ε. HYΕTOS Εnvironmental study of lakes Vegoritida – Petron 2010
Ministry of Justice, Transparency & Human Rights, General Secretariat for Gender Equality Organizational Study for the creation of 13 Regional Administrative Gender Agencies and connection with the General Secretariat for Gender Equality and the Observatory for Gender Equality, to be set up within the General Objective III 2009
Hellenic Fashion Industry Association Development of a Program for establishing innovative small businesses in fashion industry in a defined area of Naoussa, in order to support local employment 2009
Ministry of Employment & Social Protection, EYSEKT Assessment for the implementation of integrated interventions of local growth 2009
Kilkis Prefecture Preparation of integrated interventions to reducing unemployment in Prefecture of Kilkis 2009
Municipality of Sidirokastro Support to the Municipality of Sidirokastro in Preparation, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Operational Programme 2007-2010 for the Municipality 2008
Pieriki Local Development Agency S.A. Evaluation of the Project Advisory “integrated intervention in rural areas of Pieria 2007
Interbalkan & Black Sea Business Center Master Plan for the promotion of products and services of the Region of Central Macedonia 2006
Development Agency of Pieria S.A. On-going evaluation of the Local Leader+ Programme 2005
Development Agency of Chalkidiki S.A. Study for the Establishment & Operation of Enterprises’ Network for the Promotion / Advertising of Local Products of the County of Chalkidiki in the Branch of Tourism (Cluster) 2001
Municipality of Agios Pavlos Feasibility Study for the Promotion & Management of the area of the Seich-Sou Forest in the Municipality of Agios Pavlos 2001
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Research Committee “Agro-biotechnology Promotion” in the framework of “RIS+ Central Macedonia: Implementation of RTP Action Plan” Project 2001
Development Agency of Chalkidiki S.A., Industrial Development Department of the Prefecture of Chalkidiki Study for the definition of Employment skills and structure of SMEs in the dwindling region of Northern Chalkidiki 2000
Greek Ministry of Agriculture, Operational Programme: “Development of Agriculture 1994-1999” Participation in the study for the development of integrated projects in the Agricultural Sector, Area of Gramos – Vitsi, Kastoria 2000
Exporters’ Association of Northern Greece Participation in a study on the Specialized Subcontracting Development in the sector of Fashion and specialization needs of Human Resources 1997-1998