Municipality of Nicosia  “Study for the preparation of Action Plan for Strengthening of Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Innovation, Support of Local Employment and Combating of Poverty and Social Exclusion in Nicosia and Composition / Writing of Integrated Operational Plan for the Revitalization of Nicosia 2013 
National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce Supporting action of management of age at greek commerce 2011
Hellenic Port Union (ELIME) Business Plan Update of the Port Training Institute “EXANDAS” 2011
Balkan Institute of Public Administration Benchmarking Study of Public Consultation in the framework of the Act entitled “Design of an Integrated public consultation mechanism for the active participation of all representative bodies of Employees in Public Administration”. 2011
Social Multicenter of ADEDY Study “Investigation and recording of best European practices and models of education in issues of public consultation of relevant social actors” 2010 
Pieriki Anaptixiaki S.A. Commercial Chamber of Pieria Feasibility study for the establishment and operation of a freight center / station in Pieria 2010
Development Agencies of Thessaloniki / Western Macedonia/Heraklion/Karditsa, Rodopi/ Aitoliki   Study of possibilities on funding resources for Development Agencies of Local Authorities under the NSRF 2007-2013 2010
Ministry of Justice, Transparency & Human Rights, General Secretariat for Gender Equality Reports for budgeting, taking into account the gender equality for the year 2009 (Gender Budgeting Reports) and Guides for the implementation of the methodology of gender mainstreaming in budgets for Public Administrative Agencies 2009 
Federation of Greek Stevedores Framework Study for the certification of the profession of stevedore 2009 
Kilkis Prefecture Research to determine the needs for establishing a new department of Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki – Department of Kilkis 2009
Consortium of Local Development Agencies of Central Macedonia – Network AN.ET. Central Macedonia External evaluation of publicity actions – networking, dissemination and upgrading of the skills of the human resources of the areas of intervention OPAAH in the Region of Central Macedonia (Measure 6.11 ROP Central Macedonia) 2008
ANETH S.A.. –Development Limited Company ΟΤΑ Development of internal evaluation system of Networking and Publicity actions and external evaluation of the Project “Local Initiative for Employment in the province of Lagada” 2008
Ministry of Employment and Social Protection – EYSEKT Exploring the barriers and factors influencing women’s career development. Specialized proposals for actions and implementation measures under the program for the development of human resources 2007
Hellenic Foreign Trade Board Organization of Partenariat for industries of software, research and high-tech organizations from targeted markets, in Thessaloniki. 2007
“DIMITRA” Organisation of Agricultural Vocational Training and Employment External evaluation of the project “Network for lifelong training and upgrading of employees in rural areas – AGRO TRAINING NET” 2006-2008
American farm school of Thessaloniki Study for the Development of the Study Programme of the Dimitrios Perrotis College of the American Farm School of Thessaloniki 2004
Hellenic Ports Authority Elaboration of Business Plan Action of the Institute for Developing Port Specialties & Combined TransportationProject Management of the certification procedures of the Institute for Developing Port Specialties & Combined Transportation 2003
Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A. Study for the Elaboration & Operation of the Institute for Developing Port Specialties & Combined Transportation 2002
Vocational Training Center of Association of Exporters of Northern Greece – Federation of Industries of Northern Greece – Thessaloniki International Fair KEK SEVE-SVVE-DETH Business plan for development of the activities of KEK SEVE – SVVE – DETH 2001
National Confederation of Greek Commerce Planning integrated interventions for the upgrading of Commercial Centres, more specifically of Athens and Thessaloniki 2000
Development Agency of Chalkidiki S.A., Industrial Development Department of the Prefecture of Chalkidiki Offering expertise for the establishment of a Commercial Agency dealing with the Collection, Processing, Delivery and Promotion of local products 2000
Agricultural and Industrial School of Thessaloniki Business Plan for the optimal use of funding resources of the American Agricultural School of Thessaloniki, during the period 2000-2007, so as to meet the needs and goals of the School 1999-2000
Exporters’ Association of Northern Greece Participation in the study for the Development Strategy of Greek Exportations 1998
Exporters’ Association of Northern Greece Participation in a study recording the needs for promotion and advertisement of local products and products with origin brand 1997-1998
Knitting Enterprises’ Association of Northern Greece Operational Plan for the establishment of a permanent training structure to meet the needs of the enterprises-members of Knitting Enterprises’ Association of Northern Greece 1997